If you’re someone who knows me, who takes the 79 bus or lives nearby you know that - like lots of houses in Wilkinsburg - I’ve been pretty much abandoned these past few years. Being mistreated and abandon has made me very sad. If you ever looked closely, you’d see my windows have been broken, people have thrown garbage in my yard and all the weeds around me were out of control. But when I was full of people and children I was a happy house, most of my parts were handmade and lovingly cared for. Now it’s time for my life to end. My roof is caving - rain and snow have been pouring in for a long time. After 139 years I will be torn down in June. Before I go it makes me happy to be gold - it makes me feel special. I am valuable and I was loved. You may not remember 1404 Swissvale Avenue or the families that lived here but I hope you’ll remember the house that was gold.